Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the programs I am interested in?
There are many ways! If you are browsing the PROGRAMS pages under THINGS TO DO at, you can click any of the buttons that say VIEW ALL CURRENT OFFERINGS... and it will take you directly to those types of programs. Or you can click one of the age range buttons to narrow the search even further.

If you click REGISTER NOW from any page on the site, you will see the login screen for program registration. Click any of the rotating pictures in the upper right corner, or scroll down and click a picture or button, depending on what you wish to view. Or you may choose to log in first.

Once you are viewing the list of programs, you can jump to other program types or even a specific activity or age range by using the search buttons near the top of the screen. There is also an ALL option. Be sure to click the SEARCH button when you are ready.

An easy way to search by date is to use the calendar. Choose Search…Event Calendar in the navigation area at the top left of the screen. One-time events and the first class of activities with multiple sessions will appear in calendar format. Click on any activity to view the details.
I am trying to register for a class and it says the item cannot be purchased via the web. Why can't I register online?
There are several possible reasons. Registration may not yet be available for this class--please try again once registration opens. Possibly, the deadline for registration may have passed. It is important to register before the deadline because if there aren't enough people by the deadline, the class may be cancelled. However, please give us a call to see if there are any openings left.

Another reason might be that you are trying to register during the Premier registration period. Registration is initially open to Mason Community Center Premier members only. All others may register once open registration begins, usually the following Monday.

I believe I am being charged the wrong fee for a program. What should I do?
We apologize for this inconvenience. Please call us at 513-229-8555 to have your information on the database updated.

I am unable to register a household member for a program. What should I do?
It may be that your household information stored in our database is incorrect. Please stop in or call to update it.

How do I got a user ID and password?
Please either visit the Community Center or call us at 513.229.8555.

Key to WebTrac Icons

The Cart button with a green plus symbol will add the selected item to your shopping cart. It will appear in the list at the bottom of your screen.
The Cart button takes you to the screen where you begin the process to add the selected item to your shopping cart.
The Cart button with a red minus symbol will remove the selected item from your shopping cart.
The Cart button with a yellow warning symbol means the item is not currently available for purchase. Hover the mouse over this icon to get an applicable notice message.
The Dollar Sign icon displays the fees for the item.
The Information icon displays the descriptive details for the item.
The Map icon will display the location of an item on a map, using either Google Maps or Mapquest.
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